Discount Van Truck Reviews Explains Reasons to Invest in RV Double Recliner Seats

Discount Van Truck are the best of its kind for you and your vehicle, which should be the case and meant to provide you with comfort while on the road. Key among these kinds of seats is the ability to recline so that you can have a comfortable position. By just looking at it, you are already assured of the highest levels of comfort.

They can also be adjusted per your position and the way you want them to be. Its soft leather will just melt your heart away and you will look no further from now henceforth. They also come in a multitude of colors and designs for customers to adequately choose from. And are very affordable for that matter when compared to similar products from other companies.

What makes Discount Van Truck Reviews be way ahead of the rest in this trade is their ability to customize their furniture for their customers. Besides, some of the features that make these double recliners to be preferred by most are that they have been specially fitted with anti-sagging springs, which ensure that they remain strong and they also meet the set safety standards. Other features that you will love dearly are the electric seat massage and heater fitted on both sides of these seats.Discount Van Truck Reviews Explains Reasons to Invest in RV Double Recliner Seats

Discount Van-Truck on manta has one of the best solutions for the needs of your vehicles. They produce seats meant for replacement purposes in different types of vehicles. Apart from that, they have other different interior models and accessories also.

These are products such as bench seats usually meant for trucks, and others including jump seats, and chairs in a similar fashion. SUV and pick-up truck owners have not been left behind. Their needs have also been well-taken care. Nothing has been left to chance when coming up with seats for the former and benches in form of seats for the latter.

Apart from the seats, SUV owners who want a little bit of modification have varieties to choose from like benches, which are still seats meant for these types of vehicles. You will also find different types of vehicle furniture accessories.

Discount Van Truck Suv Rv – Sedona Rv Dinette

These SEDONA dinette sets come standard with over stuffed cushioning and a very appealing soft look. As all our rv furniture the Sedona Dinette is available in Ultimate Leather which is as soft as calfskin, yet cleans as easily with mild soap and water. We recommend Saddle Soap. This rv furniture is also available in cloth.

Discount Van Truck Suv Rv

This RV Furniture Features:

  • All of our Custom Built RV Furniture is made to order and your requirements.
  • Comfortable overstuffed cushioning.
  • Table and seat backs fill in center for comfortable bed.
  • 2 Seat sections with under seat storage compartments.
  • Center table available in black, white, cherry or oak.
  • Sturdy center table leg.
  • High density foam package for comfort and long term foam retention.
  • 36″, 42″ and 48″ depths at the same price
  • 72″ width standard and also available in custom sizes.
  • All materials meet or exceed FMVSS #302 safety standards.
  • Net Weight 160 lbs.

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How to choose Discount Van Truck SEDONA RV Sofa Bed

We all agree that everyone desires to make his/her van or truck to have the elegant outward appearance. And this is effective when you have spacious and durable RV carriers with good Discount Van Truck reviews. This can be made possible by installing running boards. Different boards are meant to fit different vans or trucks. The two main running board for SUV’s include the aluminum silver running boards and the OEM style board. The boards will provide that elegant finishing and they will not only upgrade your vehicle’s appearance but will also raise the status of your ride. The prices of the boards are pocket-friendly hence affordable.

 Discount Van Trucks SUV RV

The silver aluminum boards come fitted with an anti-slip feature which will enhance the safety of the person accessing the vehicle. The anti-slip feature will also make sure that the boards are friendly to use. The boards also come with an aluminum finishing which is deluxe and this will raise the appearance of your vehicle. In addition to that, the running board comes with an instruction guide that will facilitate the easier installation of the boards. The buyer of the running boards should put into consideration that the boards are sold in pairs. The price is included in the pairs. The Discount Van Truck SUV RV account on we heart it is a great place to start your search.

The OEM style running boards are another type of running board which has no counterfeits but they are all original. They have an aluminum understructure which will enhance and upgrade its durability ability. In addition to that, the OEM running boards have some lights which are used to illuminate the surfaces of the board. This is meant to add to the beauty of the boards. They also come with an instruction guide and they are also sold in pairs.

How to choose Discount Van Truck SEDONA I RV Sofa Bed

Sofa Beds come in varieties. But because we want you to Get the Best Experiences With DiscountVan Truck Seats, we only avail top quality for our shoppers. Every feature that is on these seats is designed with you in mind. From the skeleton on which the construction starts, the mattress where you place your weight, the spring system, memory foam, to the air coil, every component is placed in a way that suits your RV properly and gives you the best comfort you can ever have in your vehicle. Discount Van Truck has got you covered and is determined to make your sofa bed an investment you won’t regret making.

Discount Van Truck

Enjoy the sUniqueness of Vehicle Seats and Accessories From Discount Van Truck with proper design and coziness of the highest order. We source our materials from a myriad of sources but ensure that all or of top quality – not made in China type. We work alongside our suppliers to bring you an end product that fulfills all the promises we offer you. Then our workmen go above and beyond to ensure the craftsmanship behind every product is excellent.

From the moment we join the frames together, install the spring system, and lay the cushioning, every component is put in place with professionals who understand their work. And we are not to determine how the end product looks. That is to say, we customize the sofa bed according to your requirements. We are available on all social platforms and are available on our website as well. Reach out to us so we can discuss your needs and avail a perfect solution. All our shoppers get something they love on our website, visit us and choose various products according to your desire and budget.

MONTEREY I Transit Sofa Bed – Discount Van-Truck

  • We make it ALL – Frame > Foam > Coverings.
  • Plasma Cut and Jig Welded Parts for Accuracy and Strength.
  • Heavy Duty Tubular Frame Construction.
  • Wall Hugger Design That Does Not Require Space at the Back to Lay Down.
  • Designed to Lay Flat Without Center Cushion Inserts.
  • Durable Stain Resistant Coverings in Ultimate Leather or Cloth.
  • High-Density Foam Package for Maximum Comfort and Longevity.
  • Standard Length 67 Inches with Other Lengths Available.
  • Choices in Seat Belt Set Up.
  • All Material Comply with DOT FMVSS 207 Safety Standards per sections S4.2, S4.3.
  • 3 Year Warranty on the Frame.


  • Upgrade Split Cushion Style
  • High-Density Foam Construction for Long Range Support.
  • Single Power and Dual Power Options Available.
  • Standard Length 67 Inches. Other Sizes Available.
  • Choices in Seat Belt Set-Ups.
  • Available in Cloth or Ultimate Leather ‘better than leather’ that is as soft as calfskin that cleaned and maintained with saddle soap.

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Discount Van Truck Reviews – The Del Rey high back seat is a factory style flat cushion original equipment truck seats. This seat is very similar to the original seats that are commonly known as ford dodge chevy gmc truck seats. Some OEM bracketing may require height and bolt pattern adjustment.